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Your water is pretty important, protect and insulate your well investment with a superior product

At Polar Sheds, we specialize in

Providing durable, insulated, easy to maintain well house options. Our difference lies in the quality, sustainability and care that goes into each and every building that leaves our shop. We make products that range from residential wellhouses all the way up to municipal water well enclosures and custom applications. If you have a project without a solution, give us a call.

Polar Sheds wellhouses can be purchased exclusively through one of our many dealers.

Stop worrying about the cost of building and maintaining a block building or wood wellhouse. Polar Sheds are built for the outdoor environment and have much lower upkeep than traditional options. They’re cost-effective, durable, and easy to install, which means you can get a new wellhouse up and running quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer wellhouses that are constructed with two different types of insulation between metal panels: polystyrene (R8) or polyurethane (R16). The walls, roof, and trim use an upcycled product commonly known as a sandwich panel. The panels are 1.75” thick and consist of two sheets of 26-gauge primed, mild steel with solid core polyurethane or polystyrene in between.  

Just like the insulation inside your home, well houses are great for maintaining heat but do not produce heat themselves. If you’re located in an area that gets below freezing temps a heat source is highly recommended during the cold winter months. Some of our customers are able to use a 100W incandescent bulb for a heat source while others use a small space heater. 

Our well house buildings come floorless with a treated two-by-four base plate. To set the well house, simply position it on your concrete base and bolt it down with concrete anchors through the base plate. For applications on dirt or gravel, customers often use rebar stakes to go through the bottom base plate but anchoring to a solid surface is recommended. We offer an optional add-on of a lifting eye to make setting the structure even easier. The lifting eye also makes servicing the well or relocating the structure easier compared to other styles of wellhouses. 

As long as your wellhouse has been properly secured, scheduled maintenance is unnecessary; however, painting your pre-primed wellhouse mitigates the development of surface rust which will typically show up on any metal exposed to the elements. 

Yes, because all Polar Sheds products are built with pre-primed steel sandwich panels, it makes painting your wellhouse easy and aids in the longevity of your wellhouse. Keep in mind, painting is not required and many customers prefer to leave their wellhouse as is.

Consulting with your water well driller/pump installer is always recommended, however most customers choose to pour a concrete slab and then anchor their wellhouse to the slab with concrete bolts going through treated base plate located on the bottom of the wellhouse. 

The life of your wellhouse will be determined by various factors such as location, weather and upkeep. We have seen plenty of wellhouses that have been in the field for 20+ years without much maintenance. Of course, properly secured, painting and maintaining your wellhouse will always help aid in a longer life for your product. 

As the manufacturer we only sell our wellhouses to a hand selected group of wellhouse dealers, many of which are water well drillers/pump installers etc. This allows our customers to purchase wellhouses in an area closer to their location. As our dealer list is ever expanding, make sure to check out the “Dealer Locator” on our website to find a dealer closest to you. If you don’t see a dealer in your area on the map, please feel free to reach out to us directly so we can better understand where our products are still needed. 

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