About Us

At Polar Sheds, we’re committed to doing things differently.

We saw a need for durable, easy-to-install buildings for both commercial and residential customers and we found a creative way to meet that need. Our buildings are constructed almost entirely from an upcycled panel that is a byproduct of making steel entry doors. The product is already insulated and durable, and we’re doing our part for sustainability by keeping it out of landfills. We make custom buildings up to 14×36.   


We know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to wellhouses, commercial metal buildings, or even backyard storage solutions. Offering sizes up to 14×36, we work closely with each customer to customize the building to their specific needs. Whether you need something small or large, simple or elaborate, we can create what you need at a price that works within your budget. 

Our metal buildings and other products are carefully assembled by craftsmen with years of experience to ensure the structure is built to last and is dust, water, and pest resistant. 


Owner Michael Rogers has worked in the oilfield and understands the demands of the job, the durability required for products, and the speed at which things need to happen. He brings a focus on innovation and a strong commitment to customer service in all aspects of owning and operating Polar Sheds.