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Parts and Other Items

We focus on giving new life to materials that would otherwise be discarded in the manufacturing industry.

While the majority of our products are buildings constructed from upcycled insulated steel, we offer additional products for other uses. 

Insulated Mobile Home Skirting (Coming Soon)

This product is made from either insulated fiberglass or insulated steel and can be used to skirt mobile homes. It’s more affordable than brick and more durable than vinyl or other similar products currently on the market. The rigid, long-lasting skirting helps insulate the home for better energy efficiency and it’s durable enough to stand up to the elements and lawn care equipment.

This product line is currently under development. Check back for more information on a release date. 

Foam Panels

To create the trim for our buildings, we take apart and use the metal layers of the insulated panels, which leaves us with sheets of polystyrene foam. This palletized foam can be used to insulate under barns or homes or for other DIY insulation needs. 

Sizing- Pallets come with 50 sheets per pallet and weigh approximately 50lbs per pallet. Sheets are typically 22x64x1.75.

Please check your local building codes and regulations before prior to purchasing for any applications.

Insulated Panels

Thinking about a DIY project with insulated steel panels? You can purchase the same panels we use to construct our buildings directly from us. The panels are 22″ by 64″ and 1.75 inches thick and available in steel or fiberglass with polystyrene insulation in between the layers. 

Text 580-799-2265 to purchase