Become a Dealer

A unique turnkey building option for your customers

Precast concrete sheds are expensive and heavy. Wood structures require significant upkeep. Block buildings take time and money and fiberglass takes a beating from the sun. Offer your customers a wellhouse that is largely a “set it and forget it” solution.

Our well houses and sheds are built from an upcycled insulated steel sandwich panel that’s designed to withstand the elements. They can be transported and set much quicker than other wellhouse structures. The optional lifting eye add on makes setting and removing the wellhouse easier than most. 

Our products stand out from the crowd: 

Our dealers are typically Residential and Commercial water wells drillers however we have dealers that own feed / general farm equipment stores, and even individuals that simply had a great location and wanted to create a way to provide some additional income. If you have a great location and an adequate pieces of equipment for unloading & loading we would like to talk to you. Our process is simple, simply tell us a bit about where you are located, and about the property you are wanting to display our Polar Sheds products. Our purchasing process is simple. Upon being approved as a direct buyer (dealer) you can pick your sizes and quantities of each, choose weather you would like shipping or if you would rather pick up from our manufacturing site in Elk City, OK and place your order. Polar Sheds only sells at a wholesale price and it is completely up to the dealer how much they sell for which varies depending on the local market forces and weather your going to provide shipping, install, etc. Terms are half down and half on delivery. We are always on the hunt for new dealers, especially in areas that are under served in this type of product.